For various reasons Tools & Pixels does not use cart with onsite payment system. A multiple step approach is used instead.

Step 1. Provide customer information and request product via an order form.
Step 2. An invoice will be sent to the provided e-mail address.
Step 3. After payment of the invoice (via PayPal) the purchased digital product(s) and their license information are delivered by e-mail.

Customers having previously purchased via C4DCafé store, please select “New”.
Customers having already ordered plugins via Tools & Pixels can select the “Returning Customer”, allowing to skip entering the already provided address information. Please provide a Tools & Pixels invoice No. (8 digits) from a previous purchase. (Do not confuse with the order reference number, which only has 2 or 3 digits).

If you need help finding out how to obtain or provide licensing information you can watch this video for R16-R20 or this video for R21.

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