PolyGnome is a Cinema 4D plugin which allows constructing a 3D model by seamlessly adding mesh details by means of replacing selected polygons from the source mesh with specifically prepared assets.

This plugin is inspired by William Vaughan’s “PolyStein Kit for MODO”.

This plugin consists of 3 main parts:
– Junkyard: a library of assets (= prepared mesh parts)
– Assetizer: a helper tool to turn created mesh parts into assets
– PolyGnome: the main hero tool merging the assets onto your mesh.

The plugin comes with a default library of assets.
Users can create their own assets by converting meshes to assets via the Assetizer, as well as creating and managing their own libraries.

Available for Cinema 4D R16, R17, R18, R19, R20, R21 (Windows and/or macOS)