For various reasons Tools & Pixels does not use cart with onsite payment system. A multiple step approach is used instead.

Step 1. Provide customer information and request product via an order form.
Step 2. After manually processing, an invoice will be sent to the provided e-mail address.
Step 3. Once payment of the invoice (via PayPal) is completed the purchased digital product(s) and their license information are delivered by e-mail.

Due to time zone differences processing of an order can be delayed be a few hours. If you didn’t get a response within 24 hours … then something went wrong.

Note: customers having already ordered plugins via Tools & Pixels can select the “Returning Customer”, allowing to skip entering the already provided address information. Please provide a Tools & Pixels invoice No. from a previous purchase.

If you need help finding out how to obtain or provide licensing information you can watch this video for R16-R20 or this video for R21.

Make sure to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and expecially the plugins End-User-License-Agreement before submitting the form below.