EasyUV is a Cinema 4D plugin consisting of a dedicated UV editor window, basic UV editing tools as well as a custom seam creation tool.

It is based on Seamilar, another plugin dedicated to UV editing, which contains much more tools and features.
EasyUV is a smaller and cheaper sibling focused on the ease of unwrapping UVs, still allowing basic editing for moving, rotating and scaling of UV points, edges, polygons and islands.

UV view

EasyUV basically consists of 3 main parts, working together to make the UV unwrapping as enjoyable as possible. A custom UV view is being provided, which allows to visualize the UVs with different (customizable) island colors. Next, a custom seam creation tool was developed, which works both in the 3D viewport as in the custom UV view.

EasyUV has some basic move, rotate and scale tools available, which allows snapping and/or quantization.


Seam tag

A custom tag is made available to be added to an object to be unwrapped. This tag holds all the data and allows for options to be set. And also allows for extra utilities to revert to the original UVs or detect seams, should you already have created some UV islands via the native Cinema 4D UV tools, or using 3rd party tools.

Seam Tool

The Seam Tool provides options to best match your workflow. With its auto end detection you will easily create seams from one point to another. Enable some symmetry options, when required, and you will get your unwrapping done even faster.

When enabled, the unwrapping of island is automatically performed after each created seam. Or you can disable the auto unwrapping, create all the seams and unwrap all at a press of a button.

Export UV Canvas

Version 1.1 of the plugin introduces a new feature, which allows to export the UV Canvas to a bitmap file.
When using the PSD bitmap format one can output the different UV islands to separate layers.

Bitmap sizes can be output from 1x1K to 8x8K.

(Due to limitations in the Cinema 4D R16 SDK, the multi-layer bitmap option is not available in this version)

Available for Cinema 4D R16, R17, R18, R19, R20, R21 (Windows and/or macOS)